Cody Country Bed & Biscuit
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Cody Country Bed & Biscuit was started based on my own reservations about boarding my dogs. My Konji dog (Australian Shepherd) was getting ready for the show season and I needed to attend a trade show. I ended up taking her to a friend's who would keep her exactly like I wanted. When I returned, I thought there must be at least a few people in Cody who were as particular about their dogs as I was. On that principal, the Bed & Biscuit was born.

Space to run

At our facility, we invite pets to bring their special blankets and toys as well as, special diets, medications, and other personal needs. It is our belief that familiar routine and objects encourage a sense of home. Our other principal believe, based on competitive training, is that exercise is imperative for stress reduction. We also offer socialization programs for those critters wishing to interact.

We welcome and openingly invite you to visit our facility before making reservations and hope that you will also feel at home at Cody Country Bed & Biscuit.

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